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sorry that i have so long since written here, but private circumstances have not admitted. Today, i want to show you my second High Voltage Steampunk Lamp with a Geissler Tube. A Cage is rotating around the Geissler Tube to protect them against Contact. What should this Lamp can and from what it should be? a Geissler Tube2- UV Light3- Moving/Rotating4- Neon Lights5 - On / Off/ Ignition So the Name was born: I = Ignition / on / off G = Geissler Tube R = Rotation U = Ultraviolett Light N = Neon Light Lets start with the the Components Many Brass divides Neon Glow Lamps A tesla Transformator Power Supply 12 V/2 AMany Thin Cables5 Micro on/off Switches5 Keys of an old typewriter3 Flashlight Modules from an old Camera ( for the Neon Lamps)Lion Brass Feets Poplar Wood3 Micro Gear Motors Brass Gears1 Russian Triode Brass Tubes 3,4,5,6 mm5 Banana plugs Step Down Converters for the Micro Motors1 Geissler Tube1 UV-led and Resistor for 12 V ( here 430 ohm )Some different adhesives1 Timing Belt1 Toothed belt wheel1 Milliampere Measure Instrument Sulfur Liver, Sulfur Acid and Nitric Acid for Coloring Pls.Continue Reading