Best Japanese food Top 10

What is japanese food

It might lead to surprising results, if you travel to Japan.

Many of the Japanese cuisine is a healthy diet,
But a lot of people get fat, when they return to home.


You will know, Susi, Tempura, Sukiyaki are JUST The Tip of iceberg.


Famous city as a center of global food are many.
Tokyo have come one step excl.

2015, Number of restaurants which won the star in the Michelin guide is 226 shop in Tokyo.
94 shop in Paris is a 2-position are far ahead.(MICHELIN GUIDE Evaluation and referral, such as the world of restaurants and hotels by the number of stars)


“Washoku” traditional Japanese cuisine has been added to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list.


Japanese food culture has been evolved originaly and Fusion with other cultures
There is a 「Shiki(Four Seasons)」「WA(Harmony)」「OMOTENASHI(Hospitality)」in food culture of Japan.